Neuromorphic technologies for the real world

We create neuromorphic technologies, translate them into innovative components for intelligent systems, and develop international business opportunities.

Neuromorphic Technology

What is Neuromorphic Engineering?

Neuromorphic Engineering is concerned with the development and construction of brain-like intelligent systems.

It combines research in biology, physics, mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering to develop technologies that implement various crucial aspects of brain function including sensing, perception, motor control, learning and cognition.

Neuromorphic systems


Biological brains vastly outperform conventional digital systems in terms of intelligence, robust operation, mass, power consumption, and their methods of construction. They achieve these advantages through computational architectures and principles that are radically different from those of conventional digital information processors.

IniVation provides neuromorphic electronic components, algorithms and systems that process information in a more brain-like manner and so offer unprecedented advantages over conventional systems; including distributed asynchronous processing, ultra-low response latency, low but informative data rates, high dynamic range and low power consumption.

Neuromorphic system technology

Our Approach

Our approach cuts through complexity: we thoroughly analyse feasible markets, form strong partnerships with strategic or financial investors and partners, bundle and simplify complex IP landscapes, elaborate sustainable business models and implement financing solutions. This comprehensive technological and business solution enables us and our partners to focus on creating tomorrow’s breakthrough products.